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Susi Epperson

Mrs. Susi  Epperson, a former teacher and school principal turned speaker/comedian, empowers educators to rediscover their reason for teaching by combining humor and real-life experiences. It's first class humor with a message tuned to the lives of educators and their school district's professional development needs. 

She will make you laugh and cry, and then laugh some more. It's a presentation that promises to bring a rollercoaster of  emotions and learning to your district.

COSTS:  Email the presenter with the date you need and your location for a price quote. Prices range from $2250 to $3750 depending on your location. 


Presenter is available to all states. Price depends on location.


Email the presenter the training you want, the dates you prefer and the location (city & state) of the training for a quote.


"Thank you for all your help and tips. Within the last 12 months, we have received $1,265,968.00 in grants at our school.” 

—  Deborah Tennison,

Hilldale Public Schools in Oklahoma

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